Shikibuton Mattress & Protective Cover

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We have put together a special set for your convenience: a shikibuton mattress with a protective cover. Designed to keep your mattress in pristine condition, our set includes a high-quality cover.

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100% authentic & handcrafted in Japan

All of our products are 100% authentic and handcrafted in Japan. Each mattress is carefully constructed with a combination of high-quality cotton. You can choose the filling of the shikibuton mattress:

  • 100% natural, untreated, unbleached cotton of the highest quality from Mexico
  • 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton from India

With either cotton choice, there are no added chemicals or pesticides. All of our cotton provide great support for sleeping and they are a healthy sleeping option.

The shikibuton protective cover is made from 100% high-quality cotton.

Extend the lifetime of your shikibuton mattress

A shikibuton mattress is a traditional Japanese mattress that has gained popularity worldwide for its unique features. These mattresses are known for their simplicity, versatility, and exceptional comfort. Crafted with care and using premium materials, our shikibuton mattresses offer a luxurious sleeping surface that molds to your body’s contours, providing unmatched support.

Our shikibuton mattress cover is crafted from durable and breathable materials, shielding your mattress from dust, stains, and daily wear and tear. The cover acts as a barrier, preserving the cleanliness and longevity of your mattress. The cover ensures that the mattress remains fresh and comfortable for years to come. And above all, it will extend the life of your beloved shikibuton.


Additional information

Weight10.1 kg
Dimensions200 × 180 × 12 cm

Single (90×200 cm), Semi-double (120×200 cm), Queen (150×200 cm), King (180×200 cm)

Cotton filling

Natural, Organic


Dragon Kon, Dragon Shiro, Aki, Haru, Kawa Green, Kawa Red, Koi Sakura Indigo, Koi Sakura White, Matsukasa Emerald, Matsukasa Pink, Sashiko, Shinsha, Ume Blue, Ume Pink, Charcoal, White, Aizanmai

11 reviews for Shikibuton Mattress & Protective Cover

  1. Suzanne

    I just wanted to write to say thank you, to you and your colleagues. I am truly delighted with with the craftsmanship and quality. It affords a very peaceful nights sleep.

  2. Annie

    Excellent customer service (thank you Melissa!), shipping was speedy and delivery to Germany took only 5 days from the day order was placed. The shikibuton feels very soft; compared to other mass-produced futons, the quality is superior. Have been using it for a month now and it’s worked wonders! all the usual pains and aches seem to have gone away. Also love that I can always ait it out with the clippers it came with so it stays fresh.

  3. Margit

    Monday last week, I got my parcel. I am sorry I did not let you know sooner. I though I’d test it first a bit and already on the first quick try I was in love. It feels like sinking into a soft cloud just with a firm supportive bottom. I very much like the elegant sewing design. Thank for that! And thank YOU, dear Melissa, for being so quick in responding and always with the best advice. You were a fantastic support for me to make the right choices. All the best to you and everyone from Futons made in Japan. I am more than grateful, Margit

  4. Nicole

    I received the futon yesterday and it’s really lovely. It came earlier than expected and I was thrilled I didn’t have to pay a customs charge this time. Very happy, thank you for a great service and great communication.

  5. George

    go for it because the futon is actually really worth it.

  6. petra

    I have just received my shikibuton and it’s simply beautiful.. beautifully made, carefully packaged, quickly dispatched .
    It’s now hanging until tomorrow and I can’t wait to try it out.
    How wonderful that this work of art is traditionally made and from a family business.
    The world needs more of this kind of thing.
    Thank you so much !

  7. Tetiana

    The futon I received is just great, and sleeping on it is all bout pleasure and comfort

  8. Alan

    The size is perfect and the fabric and pattern are beautiful, and it is very comfortable. A huge thank you to the makers and everyone who managed to get it delivered in ten days. I’m very pleased.

  9. Luke V

    10/10! The shikibuton is amazing. Made to the highest standards, both soft yet firm. Arrived much quicker than expected. My girlfriend is now buying one, as are her friends!

    Luke V
  10. Tracey

    Received the futon, with thanks. It’s perfect. Also thank you for the beautiful cushion!

  11. Annamaria

    its beautiful and i love it!! feels like a cloud!!!

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