Discover true beauty with a zabuton, a traditional Japanese cushion that adds a touch of elegance to any living space or sleeping area. With our recognizable designs, the zabuton cushions can be perfectly matched with our shikibuton and kakebuton. But can also be used separately as a beautiful home accessory.

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A true piece of artwork

The zabuton cushion is traditionally used for sitting on the floor. You could also use them as pillows or chair cushions, or anything you please. All of our authentic products are carefully handcrafted in Japan and filled with your choice of either 100% untreated, natural cotton or organic cotton.

  • 100% natural, untreated, unbleached cotton of the highest quality from Mexico
  • 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton from India

Tassel colors of the zabuton vary per pattern. Our master will choose a pleasing combination depending on fabric choice. This makes each cushion unique and a true work of art.

Optimal comfort with a Japanese touch

Our zabuton futon cushions are carefully crafted using premium-quality materials to ensure optimal comfort and support. The cushions are filled with soft, yet resilient, organic or natural cotton that provide a comfortable seating experience. Whether you’re sitting on the floor, a chair, or use the zabuton as a meditation cushion, it will offer you exceptional comfort.

A stylish and refined design

Zabuton cushions are not only known for their comfort but also for their stylish design. They can be used as floor cushions for traditional Japanese seating, as chair cushions for added comfort, or as decorative accents to enhance your home decor. With various colors, patterns, and designs available, our zabuton futon cushions allow you to personalize your space and create a unique and inviting atmosphere.

Zabuton, an eye-catcher in every room

Transform your living space or sleeping area into a cozy and inviting sanctuary with our unique zabuton cushions. Whether you’re creating a meditation corner, a reading nook, or a comfortable seating area, our cushions add a touch of elegance and serenity to any room. Embrace the tranquility and harmony of Japanese-inspired decor with our exquisite collection of zabuton cushions.


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