Sales Policy

Once received and processed, orders will be made within 2-5 days. Once shipped, you should receive your order at your home in 10-14 days. If you live in a remote island in Scotland such as the Isle of Skye or in a Norwegian fjord delivery may take a few extra days. NOTE: Our workshop is closed Saturdays & Sundays.

With any shikibuton or kakebuton purchase you will receive a vacuum wrap bag to store the product when you’re not using, if you choose, and clips which you can use for airing on a railing. This is included in the price on the website as is the freight cost from Japan. We stongly recommend purchasing the covers to use with your futon set.

We will exchange a futon/duvet if it is damaged in transit or defective in the manufacturing process (our futon are hand-made and thoroughly inspected before they are shipped, so this would be very unlikely) for the exact same product (same size/pattern, etc.) as was initially ordered. Otherwise, we can not refund or exchange futon/duvet. As your futon is hand-made by true futon masters when the order is placed, and is shipped all the way from Japan, all sales are final once your order has shipped.

If you have any questions or concerns that you would like to clear up before ordering, please contact us as we look forward to the opportunity to address your concerns and give you any guidance you may need prior to ordering.

Shipping Policy

The prices on our website include freight costs to UK and Europe, hanging clips and the plastic carrier bag.

NOTE: Orders delivered are very likely to be subject to Import Duty Fees and/or VAT taxes. These charges vary based on each country and are very much out of our control. They tend to range between 21%-32% in the EU countries (outside of the UK). Please check the website for the Customs Department in your country for more information. Our UK customers don’t usually get charged such high import fees as the GBP amount threshold for trigging Custom Fees is much higher, however, as with any purchase made outside the UK or EU there is always a possibility you may have to pay customs charges. Again, this is out of our control – it is down to the customs officers. We don’t make the rules.

North & South America, Australia, New Zealand, India, Middle East, Africa & Asia Deliveries: Due to product licensing conflicts, we can not ship to these countries, however, please write to us for the contact details of our sister companies which do service these areas. The products come from the same workshop.

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