Our History

Our workshop’s tradition comes from over a century of experience, ethics and expertise. The family started in the cotton industry over 100 years ago. The current futon master is now Master Ike and he is also passing on the expertise to his children and grandchildren.

These very talented hands make all of the products in our workshop today keeping the traditional values that have been respected and passed down over the years.

The futon that the family produce are of a high quality, using the best cotton and fabrics possible, providing only the best for you to use in your home.

It's all about you

It’s all about YOU. We strive to continue to supply premium, authentic, hand-made products in the traditional Japanese manner with the benefit of amazing customer service. We are all grateful for your support in our pursuit to supply premium products and wish to only create a positive experience giving you the confidence to recommend us to your friends and family. We look forward to doing business with you and your friends for years to come.

We care about your health and the environment. When it comes to choosing a futon-type bed it isn’t all about price and comfort. Choosing the correct product can impact your health too. Most of our competitor’s “futons” are mass-produced using low grade cotton and man-made foams and polyesters which can be toxic and harmful for you and the environment – they can create off-gassing chemicals which you’ll be breathing in as you sleep. Eeeeek! All of these synthetic materials quickly compress, lose their “memory” and become lumpy, flat and uncomfortable within only a few months. These unnatural materials also trap moisture which creates a breeding ground for unhealthy organisms to grow and flourish which potentially contain toxic mildew and mould. Ewwww. Our products won’t damage your health OR the environment.

100% Authentic

We sell authentic, traditional & bespoke Japanese futon that are hand-made in a family-run workshop in Kochi, Japan. We also have access to a large variety of kimono, haori and other Japanese sundries at your request.

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