Sashiko Set

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A traditional handmade Japanese futon set, which includes both the shikibuton and kakebuton. You can choose to have either 100% untreated and natural cotton OR organic cotton filling. They are healthy, comfortable and light for easy storage. We highly recommend purchasing covers for your set (sheets) to protect your shikibuton and show off the beautiful design of your kakebuton. 

Please note the standard sizes are different to those in the UK and Europe – dimension shown below when you choose the size. 

When you purchase a set we include a discount in the price. 

Purchase includes freight cost. Please refer to our FAQs for more information. 

Need a custom size?

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4 reviews for Sashiko Set

  1. Stephen

    I received my shikibuton and kakebuton yesterday, and I am very pleased with them. It is surprisingly comfortable. Again, thank you very much for the excellent service and the high quality products.

  2. Reyna Maria del Mazo

    Love this color !

  3. Antonio

    we recived the both Futons already this week and we are absolutely happy about it. We appreciate really much the Quality of Products and Fast customer service. ありがとうございました (hope google translated well)

  4. Paul (verified owner)

    This is the best sleep I have ever had. I had a back injury when I was in my teens and I often wake up with a stiff back. Firm surfaces help with this and this provides that…but it still has an extreme comfort to it… it is difficult to describe. My back feels great after waking up. When it first comes out of the vacuum packaging for shipping it took one night’s sleep to get the air back into the cotton and fluff it out so was a little harder on the first night. But the second night it was perfect.

    To get the most out of this I think you have to embrace the idea of caring for the set I.e. airing it and getting it off the floor regularly. I have mine on tatami mats and love maintaining it and i think it’s one of the most hygienic ways to sleep. How often do you air your mattress or duvet or put them in the sun or move your bed to hoover under it? Just caring for it is already encouraging many other new good habits and I really look forward to getting into it at night. I cannot see myself returning to a standard mattress ever again.

    Melissa was a pleasure to purchase from and I prefer giving my money to and supporting family run businesses like this. Its more personal and its their livelihood so I think more care and attention always goes into it. Also i think it is not so easy to find a japanese hand made sleeping arrangement like this in Europe.

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