Koi Indigo Shikibuton

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A traditional Japanese mattress. All of our shikibuton are handmade using traditional methods and high standards. You can choose to have either 100% untreated and natural cotton OR organic cotton filling. They are healthy, comfortable and light for easy storage. We highly recommend purchasing a cover (sheet) to protect your shikibuton. 

Please note the standard sizes are different to those in the UK and Europe – dimension shown below when you choose the size. 

Purchase includes freight cost. Please refer to our FAQs for more information.

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2 reviews for Koi Indigo Shikibuton

  1. Liza


  2. Liza


    We’ve ordered our Futon this summer and got it in this magnificent Indigo Koi colour. That was the best purchase for our new home. We wanted to try something different and something non harmful for the Ecology.

    After a long research we stopped onto Futonsfromjapan company and it was worth it. Support was amazing on every stage. It was delivered way faster than we expected (after it was prepared). We’re sleeping for a couple of months on it now and no Back or Neck pain and the thing that I can actually air our mattress is making me happy. Nothing better than freshly sunbathed Futon with fresh sheets, trust me 🙂

    Thank you Futonsfromjapan for such an amazing opportunity to try authentic products.

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