The low-down on protective covers

Shikibuton covers are different to fitted sheets that you would use on a western mattress. They are made specifically to encase the whole futon, rather than just covering the top and sides as a western style fitted sheet (clinging for dear life onto each of its four corners). Our futon covers fully encapsulate your item in a high quality cotton zipper case. Our kakebuton covers also envelope the whole duvet with a cute top window showcasing the gorgeous pattern. Depending on the size, your kakebuton cover might have a mesh covered window which helps to keep the duvet in place while you move around in your futon while sleeping. 

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Tips for long lasting futons

Airing or “sunning” a futon is an important part of using it. As futons are made only from cotton, they need to breathe, air out, and fluff up. The UV rays kill microscopic bugs and allow moisture to dissipate, thereby preventing mildew and mould from growing.

On sunny days in Japan it is common to see futons hanging out of windows and on balcony banisters, secured with plastic clips.

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